How to prepare for a photoshoot if you are a beginner model

How to prepare for a photoshoot if you are a beginner model

How do models prepare for photography?

Often, models experience some difficulties associated with a lack of experience and understanding of the photography process. To help with this, I wrote this post where I discuss some aspects of studio work that are usually not so obvious.

The Studio. Expectations and reality

A studio needs booking in advance, and often the model (TFP) books and pays for a studio. In some cases, the photographer prefers to book and pay, then the model gives him the money. Usually studios have dressing rooms that can be used before your rental of the hall (as a rule, they give a dressing room for free for an hour before the start of renting the hall). Of course – you must not arrive late. The paid hour includes everything you do at that hour, there are no bonuses, no extra time either. If you book a locatoin for an hour, in fact it is 55 minutes, the last 5 minutes staff cleans after you and prepares for the next visitors.

You need to be prepared for very bright flashes, cables lying around your personal space. It is ok.

Since we are talking about a respectful attitude, I will give advice: if you come to the shooting, then the photographer manages the process. Don’t try to me a boss. A positive attitude is very important, without trust and respect nothing will work. Not always the day goes like clockwork, but this is not a reason to be upset. Keep your heads up, as they say!

Download some nice music to your phone and turn it on while posing, usually there are speakers in studios.

What do models wear to a photoshoot?

Often a photographer selects the certain type of model for a particular shooting. In any case, if you have already found a photographer ready for a test shoot, it is worth bearing in mind a few things. For example, manicure. Fashion is fashion, but colored nails with rhinestones can ruin everything. The same goes for unkempt hands.

It is better to pay to a professional make-up artist who will correctly apply makeup. Do not forget to say that makeup is needed for photography, which means it should be 20-30% more intense. As for the foundation – it is important to apply the foundation that is right for you. Otherwise, the face and body risk being different tones. You will also need powder if you have oily skin. Powder is better to take to the photoshoot and use if necessary. Keep in mind that you should not come to the studio without preparation. And of course you should have clean and styled hair.

It is strongly not recommended to have solarium tanning or sauna less than two weeks before the photoshoot. The same goes for sun tanning. Do not test new cosmetic procedures in order to avoid allergic reaction.

You should not wear tight clothes (and underwear) that leave traces on the body. The wardrobe discusses with the photographer in advance. As a rule, nude clothes are preferred.

The day before the photoshoot you should not drink any alcohol, eat salty food. Healthy sleep is necessary. And in the morning have a good and healthy breakfast.


Usually photographers guide models, but you also need to know how to pose. Be careful with “Instagram trends”, not all of them are appropriate. The biggest difficulty for models is how to control the hands, do not wave them back and forth. The second problem is that the model does not know where to put them at all. Movements and postures should remain normal, without extremes. Changes in postures and facial expressions should not be done too often, it is simply impossible to shoot! (the light source will not have time to charge). The most beautiful poses are built from a 3/4 angle base. Practice in front of a mirror, watch your back and hands. It will work out.

If you are still in doubt, it is better to ask the photographer for posing references in advance (not the day before, but earlier).

Rights and obligations

Once you’ve received your photos, you probably want to share them. In this case, be sure to tag the whole crew in the description of the post in social networks with clickable links to their profiles.

If for some reason you decided not to post photos… Of course, it may seem that this is your business, what to post and what not, you have a special atmosphere and aesthetics of the feed. In this case, know that in such collaborations photographers participate not only for portfolios, but also for advertising purposes. So when you go for cooperation – cooperate. It’s a matter of good manners and respect.

All photo copyrights belong to the photographer. This means that attempts to make money on photos (any commercial use) are generally illegal. Commercial use is discusses with the photographer, a license is purchases (usually for a year).

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