Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds (Golden grid) in Photography

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Rule of thirds is a method when a space is divided into 3 parts, creating points of visual interest.

When using Golden grid (Rule of thirds), we divide a photograph into 9 rectangles by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The main object is placed on points of visual interest (which are the line crossings).

It is important to balance composition . When the main object visually is too strong and heavy, it is recommended to use symmetrical composition (or use right balance). So, if we use such principles, we have to balance composition. It means, you should measure visual weight of object. Thing of it like it is about balancing on scales – right and left sides of a picture needs balancing. Balance – is an important part of composition in photography.

The method is very popular, but it is not really a rule to obey. You can break the rule if you want.

On base of Golden Ratio

Asymmetrical composition with using Golden grid (Rule of thirds) is considered harmonious and beautiful.

The method was created on base of Golden Ratio (A/B=1.618, B/A=0.618). But Rule is easier to use and apply. Golden Ratio is universal, we can find it in nature, architecture, our bodies and product design (e.g. iPad). Many famous artists used the method, including such names as Leonardo da Vinci. In addition, Notre Dame de Paris, Parthenon and even Giza necropolis have in base Golden Ratio.

Golden grid (Rule of thirds) in Photography

How to get Camera Grid on iPhone to use Rule of thirds

  1. Open the Settings

2. Choose Photos & Camera/Camera

3. Enable the Grid option

How do I turn on the grid on Canon Camera

Open MENU << press Q-button << choose Viewfinder display << Grid display << show << press MENU to exit

How to use

Rule of thirds is a very common method of composing. it is easy to use and understand, more over it is a simple variant of Golden Ratio. It is used in photography, design, cinematography etc.

But it is not really “a rule” to obey. You can break the rule if you want.

Blog » Theory » Rule of thirds

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